Corporate culture

Corporate culture
1, dare to innovate
Innovation is the primary characteristic of XX enterprise, is daring to dare to try, dare to do.
XX is the first of the urban transformation of the old district of enterprises; XX is the first cross regional development of the real estate business, XX is the national real estate enterprises in the first transformation of commercial real estate enterprises, XX is the first large-scale investment in cultural industries enterprise, XX enterprise industry group was established has become the country's largest.
2, adhere to the good faith
Adhere to the integrity of the core features of XX enterprises.
In 1990, XX group and the development of Dalian civil residential street into northeast China first straight-A project quality residential quarters; in 1996, XX in the national real estate companies pioneered to protect the interests of consumers of "three commitments"; 2002, XX in Shenyang Taiyuan street XX square development, because of the bad part of the sale of shops operating efficiency, XX from the protection of the interests of consumers of, decided to repurchase Shenyang, Taiyuan street, XX square all sold in shops, in addition to the return of property and also compensates for the corresponding interest. XX Shenyang back shop in the country caused great repercussions, becoming the national integrity of the cultural construction of the landmark event.
3, take the lead in environmental protection
XX group is one of the earliest enterprises to implement energy-saving building.
XX group all XX square and five-star hotels have reached national star energy efficiency standards, since the State Department of housing and urban rural development in 2009 issued green building design logo and run ID, the obtained the certification of commercial projects most is XX square and five-star hotel, far ahead of other enterprises.
4, care staff
XX employees as the core capital of the enterprise, the development of the results of the first benefit employees, so that employees in the XX long ability, rising wages, long happiness index. XX annual investment of 100 million yuan for staff training, and invested 700 million yuan in Langfang to establish a domestic first-class XX college. All of the basic requirements of XX company running the staff canteen, staff to provide free meals. XX implementation of outstanding employees to take vacation system, each year named the outstanding group of employees, giving round-trip ticket reimbursement two people stay free around the XX hotel resort.
5, pay attention to charity
XX was established so far, charitable donations of cash more than 3 billion 700 million yuan, is one of China's largest charitable donations. Is the only seven won the "China Charity Award" of the enterprise.
XX group also advocated the concept of public welfare, all employees have become volunteers, at least once a year to do a volunteer.
6, do the best
XX has a broad vision of the work of the standard requirements, the pursuit of all the work to become a boutique". XX as long as the industry into the industry, at least to do the first in the Chinese industry, the pursuit of the world's first industry. XX is the world's largest cinema line operators, the world's second largest real estate companies, the world's largest five star hotel owners.
7, strong execution
Executive power is a prominent feature of the XX enterprise culture. When it comes to. Two is to get to get. XX do the project after the first calculation, the first to do the planning and design, and then determine whether the cost of investment and investment. Project development process to implement the planning module control, to ensure that the entire project cost, cash flow within the scope of the project management and control. Three is fine. XX System Award, the prize award, the penalty is the punishment.
8, carry forward the traditional
In 2005 the group recommended the "Analects of Confucius", the whole group to carry out a year of study, discussion and speech. XX repeatedly invited famous etiquette experts to corporate culture, improve staff comprehensive quality. XX Group Chairman Wang Jianlin began very early Chinese calligraphy collection, exhibition held every year, support outstanding painter development.