How to deal with the financial crisis in China's electronic enterprises?

2015-10-19 21:40:57
The largest watches retail group Hendry, $3.5 billion yuan, for the first time in Taiwan opened watches flagship store, select Zhongxiao East Road and Dunhua South Road junction mouth, aimed at high-end consumer market is expected two years within Taiwan will open three stores.
Listed in Hong Kong Hengdeli Holdings Ltd, optimistic about the domestic high-end watch brands and, off the market, to the group's special sales of the world's top watch "Sambo watches (elegant)" brand, in Taipei to open the first flagship store in. This is Hendry group opened in the Greater China region twentieth Sambo watch shop.
Hengdeli Group Chairman and CEO Zhang Yuping yesterday (24), said, in the mainland and Hong Kong, Hendry occupies the leading position, last year to enter the Taiwan market, yesterday set up flagship store sights of high-end watch brand consumer market.
He believes that sales of Taiwan's top watches with service surface soft power,, the guests to Taiwan table stores consumption, in addition to have more brand choices, back to the mainland can also enjoy Hengdeli group to provide after-sales service, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be focus of Hendry's future development.
It is understood, optimistic about the strength of the domestic top watch collectors, Hendry is expected this year, but also in Taipei City new Sambo watches, then is to rob into the market in Taichung.
With the increase of the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan, let Hengdeli group is very optimistic about the prospects for Taiwan watches the market, the last year for the first time to enter the Taiwan market, in Dali boutique in Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Hanshin dome opened to occupy the leading position in mainland China watches Swiss watch brand Omega stores.
Group (Swatch Group) and the world's largest high-quality goods group LVMH, the world's largest and watch group Siwoqirui, Hendry's shareholders.